David Arran Anderson

For many of us, our thoughts and beliefs have become extremely sacred. 
But they create limitations, and hold us back from experiencing our totality.
All beliefs are 'made up'... and our thoughts are nothing less than garbage.
They are impermanent, create walls, and prevent the expansion of our awareness. 
We like to think of ourselves as 'seekers of truth' ... but how can anything be true ...
when everything we experience in this world is only part of a grand illusion?
Therefore, an enlightened mind, is totally free of barriers, borders, or boundaries.
I'm not saying ... 'don't believe in anything' ... but there's nothing 'you must' believe in.
(David Arran Anderson)

Most people who are alive on the planet today believe the life they see is all there is; 
but when mass consciousness wakes up and discovers their 'spiritual aspects' 
and connects into them ... then ... the entire world will dramatically change. 
It's knowing ... you are more than you can imagine ... and less than you can dream,
When that finally happens ... it will be natural and organic.